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DiskStation® DS923+

Flexible storage platform for small businesses and home offices

Take your data management to the next level

Versatile smart storage that helps you consolidate and store your growing digital data.

Stunningly compact

Powerful functionality in a tiny package, with room for 10GbE and dual NVMe drives.

Consolidate and share

Flexibly store and organize 50 TB of data, then share with anyone.

Keep your data safe

Hardware and software engineered to protect your data — trusted by millions.

Access and Sharing

With support for mainstream protocols and many types of clients, Synology solutions make accessing and sharing data easier and faster.
Easily integrate your NAS into any environment with wide support for browsers, mobile platforms, operating systems, and network transfer protocols.
Share files and folders using links or QR codes, and configure security and access options for additional data protection.

Synology Drive

Empower efficient teamwork with collaborative file management and synchronization services between devices.

Presto File Server

Share files between sites at exceptional speeds with transfer acceleration designed to maximize your bandwidth use.

File Station

Administer and manage shared folders and files directly from your browser.

Universal Search

Search through files, metadata, and more on your NAS. Integration with Windows Search and macOS Spotlight makes it easy to find files.

Syncing and Management

Ensure essential files and folders are synchronized across devices and locations with solutions for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid cloud storage.
Synchronize and back up your public cloud storage to Synology NAS or replicate files and folders between NAS servers in different locations.
Monitor your storage, track changes to files, schedule tasks, and set user bandwidth quotas with clear logging, settings, and management options.

Cloud Sync

Connect your Synology NAS with public cloud services and sync data to and from Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure, and other accounts.

Synology Drive ShareSync

Synchronize files and folders between Synology NAS devices to enable access to the most updated files across offices and locations.

Hybrid Share

Combine cloud and on-premises file storage with Synology C2, providing file streaming, fast local caching, and bandwidth offloading for efficient multi-site data management.

Immutable Data Storage

WriteOnce technology helps you meet data retention and protection requirements by preventing some or all changes to important data for a set time period.