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BC500 and TC500

Bullet and turret IP cameras

Versatile AI cameras for securing any location

Consistent clear footage, 24/7
Enhance your surveillance with camera-based AI
Effortless setup and access from anywhere
Safety and security you can rely on

Simply faster

DS923+ can handle more demanding application workloads and a greater number of concurrent users compared to prior-generation systems. Experience faster file indexing in Synology Drive, photo organization in Photos, and concurrent file transfers.1

Synology Drive

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faster file indexing

Synology Photos

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faster photo indexing

Multiple file transfers

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faster random write

Consistently clear footage, 24/7

5 MP & 110° wide field of view
IP67 & IK101 certified
30 m night vision
NDAA & TAA compliant

Around the clock surveillance

See clearly at night with four high-power IR LEDs that provide 30 meters of night vision range.

Detailed video recordings in all lighting conditions

Ensure security despite high contrast light conditions with High Dynamic Range (HDR), which provides detailed images in both shadows and bright spots.

Enhance your surveillance with camera-based AI

Be proactive with surveillance. AI features empower security staff to watch over multiple locations more efficiently.

People and Vehicle Detection

Protect against loitering and boost security with cameras that leverage AI to distinguish people and vehicles from other moving objects with high accuracy.

Intrusion Detection

Identify trespassers without maintaining dedicated staff on site. Draw virtual borders to automatically receive alerts when people or vehicles cross.

Instant Search

Investigate incidents quickly after they happen. Instant Search lets operators search for activities of interest within a certain area.

Effortless setup and access from anywhere

With hassle-free setup and on-the-go access, these cameras are suitable for single-site small business installations and sprawling multi-location deployments alike.

Optimized for Surveillance Station

Easy setup, configuration, and firmware updates
No Surveillance Station device licenses required

Streamlined setup and configuration

Simply connect and go. All camera settings, including image quality and network configuration, can be modified directly in Surveillance Station.

Stay in the know with DS cam

DS cam is the powerful companion mobile app for Surveillance Station, available for free on iOS and Android. Learn more

Easily stay on top of security
Receive notifications sent to your phone the moment events are triggered. Quickly review the events of the day with a few taps.

See the action live
Watch up to 6 live feeds at the same time. If an event catches your eye, take a snapshot for a closer look.

Define detection zones
Select specific areas to monitor for accurate and relevant alerts.

Reliability and security you can depend on

Integrated safeguards ensure surveillance availability, data security, and privacy. Enterprise-grade reliability and availability

Edge storage to increase system reliability
In case of network failure, these cameras can failover to a MicroSD card, increasing system reliability and ensuring continuous recording.

Add redundancy to your deployment
Surveillance Station Centralized Management System (CMS) provides efficient management for multi-site deployments along with footage backup and automatic failover protection to ensure continuous and uninterrupted surveillance.

Archive your videos offsite
Easily perform automated offsite archival with Archive Vault. Archive recordings from small-scale recording servers to larger off-site servers to add redundancy and enable longer footage retention.

Simultaneously record to the cloud
Add an additional layer of protection to your critical footage with C2 Surveillance.2 In the event your server is stolen or destroyed, your videos will remain accessible in the cloud.

Synology IP Cameras

DS1621+ integrates various backup applications into an intuitive user interface, offering durable storage technologies to safeguard your valuable data on any device.


Secure your outdoor space with our bullet form factor cameras – equipped with sun/rain shields for optimal performance.


Turret form factor cameras perfect for indoor surveillance at any angle.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment, BC500 and TC500 support RTSP for streaming and recording purposes. For complete functionality, both cameras should be paired with and managed by Surveillance Station.
Both cameras are equipped with a 2.8 mm F1.8 lens, with a 5 MP 1/2.7” sensor optimized for video surveillance, delivering 110° H, 56° V, 132° D wide-angle views. Videos are streamed at 2880×1620 (16:9) @ 30 FPS (max). The lenses on the BC500 and TC500 cannot be changed.
There are four 1 W LEDs, which can deliver 30 m of night vision.
Both BC500 and TC500 support H.264 and H.265 for video and G.711 for audio.
Power over Ethernet (PoE) IEEE 802.3af compliant switches. Both models have a power consumption of under 5 W.
Both cameras are IP67-rated for weather resistance. Both cameras are rated to continuously operate between -22 °F and 122 °F, or between -22 °F to 104 °F when IR is turned on (5%~95% RH).
People and Vehicle Detection and Intrusion Detection can be configured to run directly on the cameras. However, Face Recognition requires a compatible DVA system. This is necessary to store and process the database, and to ensure consistency across cameras.
Both TC500 and BC500 support microSD cards (up to 128 GB) for edge recording. Recording autonomy depends on the bitrate (which, if set to Variable Bitrate, in turn depends on the scene) and the size of the SD card. For example: A 3 Mbps stream will generate about 32 GB per day. Thus, a 128 GB micro SD card can comfortably store at least 3 days of footage.3
To ensure optimal image quality, you can refer to the Synology Camera Placement and Image Optimization Guide. This user guide covers key factors and considerations for camera placement and image optimization.