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AC42 Door Controller

An easy-to-install and manage four-door controller for cloud-control of doors, auxiliary devices and integration with your fire alarm interface.


AC42 Door Controller

Verkada’s AC42 door controller brings plug-and-play simplicity to enterprise-grade access control. Secure out-of-the-box, the AC42 supports existing door hardware and card readers while enabling cloud-based visibility into your building’s doors and access events. Integration with building fire alarm interface (FAI) systems and auxiliary devices allows organizations to connect with existing infrastructure for seamless deployments.

Key Features

Instant Video Integration and Insights

Fire Alarm Interface Support
Cloud-based Software and Management
Works with Existing Cards and Readers

Verkada AC42 Door Controller

Built from the ground–up, the AC42 provides security without the complexity. Available in a versatile four-door form factor, the AC42 provides the best of on-prem security and cloud-based scalability.

Simple to Manage

Cloud–managed controller configures instantly and updates automatically. No patching, manual updates or IT overhead required.

Always Reliable, At Scale

On-device compute, storage and backup battery power source ensures uninterrupted door functionality, regardless of internet or power connectivity.

Centralized Management

Manage doors, permissions and users from anywhere with Verkada Command. No on-prem servers or databases required.

Increased Visibility and Control

Native integration with Verkada Cameras, Guest, Sensors and more provides unparalleled visibility across your organization.

Centralized Management

Built from the ground up for simple installation and management.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment, BC500 and TC500 support RTSP for streaming and recording purposes. For complete functionality, both cameras should be paired with and managed by Surveillance Station.

Both cameras are equipped with a 2.8 mm F1.8 lens, with a 5 MP 1/2.7” sensor optimized for video surveillance, delivering 110° H, 56° V, 132° D wide-angle views. Videos are streamed at 2880×1620 (16:9) @ 30 FPS (max). The lenses on the BC500 and TC500 cannot be changed.

The AC42 is built on Verkada’s hybrid cloud architecture, balancing the best of on-device security with the scalability and connectivity of the cloud. The AC42 features storage and compute capabilities, and securely caches all events, settings, and door lock schedules on-device. In the event of an internet outage, the device will continue to function. Additionally, you can deploy the AC42 with the ACC–BAT–4A with the AC42 to power all connected doors – both wet or dry – in the event of a power outage.

With Verkada Access Control, the only hardware you need is an access controller such as the AC42 or our 16-door AC62, and door locking / unlocking hardware such as maglocks, card readers and wireless door locks. Once connected, you can manage building access, schedules, and users directly in Verkada Command – no additional servers, databases or configurations needed.

Product Specifications

Camera features

60W maximum
1.5A maximum
2x REX dry inputs per door 1x DPI dry input per door
2x auxiliary dry inputs  
1x 12V @ 250mA
1x reader port (Verkada/RS-485 or Wiegand) per door
Reader current consumption must be < 250mA per reader
Note: max of 4 readers can be powered simultaneously
Height: 417.0mm / 16.4in
Width: 321.omm / 12.6in
Depth: 116.3mm / 4.6in
0°C – 50°C
5 – 90% Humidity
Ethernet: 10/100Mbps RJ-45 for network connectionUSB 2.0
Mounting plate and four wood screws

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